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Basketball enjoys a rich history in the USA and the game is enjoyed by millions of fans around the world. So popular is the game that it is not uncommon for punters to congregate online and share tips in public forums.

These internet forums are fantastic sources for greyhound betting tips. The general impression one gets from such websites is that basketball punters are a friendly bunch that are willing to share their top picks and tips. Continue reading →

At online bookmakers, free bets serve as an excellent incentive for punters to sign up or to keep coming back to place their wagers.

There are an abundance of different types of free bets available online and all of these can generally be used to your advantage. The best free bets however, are the ones that give you the chance to wager and withdraw your winnings, should you be successful. The top sportsbooks online offer punters the chance to get in on the action and these days free bets are as common as online casino bonuses.

Understanding  a bit more about what the best free bets have to offer will help you get the most out of these complimentary wagers and will offer added incentive for claiming as many rewards as possible and wagering on a regular basis.

No Deposit Free Bets

For many punters no deposit bets are the best free bets as they require no initial outlay or financial commitment. These free bets are simply offered by an online sportsbook to punters who want to check out what’s on offer and decide whether they really want to wager with a specific site on an ongoing basis. No deposit free bets have no strings attached and you could end up winning real money for nothing.


Matched Bet

This type of bet is the most common one online and one of the best free bets any punter can claim. All you need to do to be eligible for this type of free bet is to register with a sportsbook offering this reward and make a deposit. When you place your first bet you’ll be rewarded with a free bet that is the exact same value as your initial wager. Matched bets don’t only serve as a welcome bonus or sign up reward, they can also be offered to loyal punters who have chosen to stick with a specific sportsbook for an extended period of time.

Specific Free Bet Offers

Often a sportsbook online will promote  a specific sport or race by offering a free bet that can only be used on this event. This is one of the best free bets on offer for many punters as it gives them the chance to wager on a sport they usually wouldn’t, without risking any of their own money. These free bets may also be released in conjunction with major sporting events such as a World Cup or the Super Bowl, and will give new and experienced punters the opportunity to have some fun that could result in a generous payout, all courtesy of the sports book.

Cash Back Offers

Another of the best free bets available online is the cash back incentive and this reward is a little less traditional, yet just as rewarding. With a cash back offer, you could find that if your first bet is not successful, your stake is returned, meaning you can bet with no risk of losing. Alternatively you may be offered your bet back if a game ends in a certain way or a race plays out to a certain result. These cashback rewards add a fun and unconventional twist to betting online, and can be very pleasing.

The best free bets add value to your sports wagering like cricket betting AU experience and will improve your chances of winning, give you the opportunity to wager on different markets and potentially allow you to punt without any risks.

In Australia, punters look to online betting sites for a chance to place a bet on a particular game or match. While online bookmakers certainly have the greatest share of the market, there are other ways to bet online. One type of betting that is gaining in popularity is online exchange betting. This is where punters will actually bet against each other instead of betting against the bookmaker. In the notes below, we are going to take a look at how exchange betting works and the type of bets that can bet placed. Continue reading →

Newcomers to the online sports betting industry might be a little overwhelmed when they first arrive at a sportsbook site. There is plenty of terminology that might sound very foreign to you. You might even be a punter who has been betting on the horses for years and years, but now you want to try something different, like soccer betting for instance. While it is a still a form of sportsbetting, the types of bets, and the terminology is often very different. Continue reading →

Sports betting is one of Americas past times, since as far back as sports go, people in America have been betting and waging on the games that are being played. This is a fun and exciting way to win real money and to indulge in one of the many sports that we so love. In this day and age, everything is digital and sports betting has become so much stronger than it was a decade ago. Continue reading →

Punters underestimate the importance of shopping for the best lines and odds. While these same individuals would never purchase anything else of significance without first comparing prices and shopping around, very few do so when it comes to betting.

Thanks to the ease of access to the internet that all New Zealanders currently enjoy, however, it is now easier than ever to do so. Continue reading →

MasterCard affiliated sports books offer players a guaranteed unforgettable betting experience. With the trusted weight that this magnificent credit card brings to the online sports book world, universal acceptance and the ability to transfer funds quickly in any major currency, it is evident just why MasterCard is the second biggest credit card in the world. And, besides these notable benefits, the online sports books are also as safe and secure as the credit card system itself. So Australia players, the online path ahead is set, and it begins here with MasterCard online sports books. Continue reading →