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Action Jack from Spielo is a popular slots title among players who love adventure themes. However, Spielo games are created first and foremost for play at top casinos that are land-based. With online and mobile casinos able to compete so strongly in terms of accessibility and convenience, not to mention the free games and other bonuses they can offer, one of the few ways in which land-based operations can protect their market is through game exclusivity. Continue reading →

For gaming fans who want to play great online slots and casino games at Norway’s top casinos, the situation is somewhat complicated. Officially, all online gambling in Norway must be done through one of the state-owned operations that channel casino profits into social spending. While Norway used to have more than 20,000 land-based slot machines directly supporting charities like the Red Cross, in 2007 all slot machines were replaced with interactive video terminals that imposed strict betting limits. Continue reading →

Since the online slot game developer first launched, Endorphina has become well known for producing slots with themes that take a step back from traditional ones and provide players with new worlds to emerge themselves in.

This is evident in the likes of Urartu slot game. Urartu is believed to have been first mentioned in the Bible, where it was named as an ancient kingdom located somewhere in Armenia. Over the years, plenty of questions and mysteries have popped up with regards to this long gone Armenian kingdom, and now, Endorphina is trying to give players a glimpse into what it may have been like through the reels of this online slot game. For more information on the game, see below. Continue reading →

Endorphina has a large catalogue of online slots, with something to appeal to almost every market, although they have also managed to bring some creative twists to classic themes, and sail close to the wind without infringing on actual licensing of characters. What they are most known for, though, is a vibrant and fresh take on original themes, and Sparkling Fresh is exactly that, being an updated take on the fruit machines that constituted the original mechanical versions of what we today know as slots. Continue reading →