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The modern circus as it is known and enjoyed today, was originally the idea of Philip Astley, an Englishman who lived between the years 1742 and 1814. Astley had been a Sergeant-Major before turning to show business.  Whilst serving in the war, Astley displayed an acumen for horse-breaking and general training. Continue reading →

There is almost no real difference between playing Blackjack NZ games at an online casino or land-based places to play: there are simply more enhancements, special features, and overall convenience available for the first.

Thanks to how widely available Blackjack NZ games are at online and mobile casinos these days, players are able to enjoy them absolutely anywhere they are able to find a steady internet connection, and state-of-the-art 128-bit data-encryption technology ensures that all financial and personal information is kept safe from the prying eyes of more unscrupulous users. Continue reading →

The allure of Poker is undeniable. After evolving for nearly one thousand years it has lodged itself steadfastly into the mind and arena of popular culture, arguably more than any other game of its kind. Billions of dollars have been exchanged over poker tables, from the grandest and most well known casinos in the world, to a friendly game between friends on their dedicated poker nights. Continue reading →