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When it comes to online casino gaming, every player from the USA wants different things out of their gaming experience. However, there is one common thread that seems to tie every online player’s desires together – the welcome bonus offer.

There are many different welcome bonuses available at online casinos, ranging from cash bonuses to free spins and a variety of other offers. US players can extend their gaming time and improve their chances of winning online by taking advantage of some of these offers and learning about the best online casino welcome bonus types. Continue reading →

Endorphina slots seem to have a habit of offering a twist on traditional themes, usually with some success: while we all know, and love, the classic imagery of pirates, thanks to Captains Blood, Jack Sparrow and Edward Kenway and their ilk, as well as the more modern and less glamorous characters who captured Captain Phillips, this slot moves from the warm tropical waters favoured by sensible buccaneers to the Arctic Oceans. The background is that of a ship’s fo’c’sle, heading into iceberg infested waters, in search of treasure, with only the splash of an occasional breaching fish disturbing the tranquillity. Sound effects are muted, and confined to the mewing of gulls and the creaking of the wooden hull. Continue reading →

The Vikings is an epic slot from Endorphina that takes you to an age where exploration and a glorious death where two very noble causes. The slot takes place in the freezing Nordic waters in an ice cavern. This game features a Viking themed bonus round as well as free spins and a wild feature that is triggered by your Viking ship. There is a selection of Viking themed characters on display on the game’s reels that really sets the mood. Continue reading →

Stone Age slot is a themed slot by Endorphina that takes place during the dawn of human history. The slot reels appear on a cave wall decorated with rock art. Mammoths and Stone Age cultural artifacts appear prominently giving a very unique look to this online slot. The game offers free spins and expanding wilds to take advantage of. You can make wagers in game by using coins to activate one of the game’s pay lines. You can adjust the value of these coins between $0.01 and $5. Stone Age slots can pay out up to 5000 coins so one with one activated pay line and one $5 coin wager , you can potentially net yourself a $ 25000 payout. Continue reading →

Satoshis Secret has a unique 6 reel and 20 pay-line configuration that is themed around the world of hacking and bitcoins. The graphics suit the cyberpunk mood of the game perfectly. The aim is to hack corporate bank accounts, then trade the money on the open market. This game by Endorphina offers a unique trading bonus feature as well wild symbols and the unique QWERTY bonus feature. Continue reading →

Minotaurus slots from Endorphina takes on the classic tale of the dreaded Bull of Minos who lives at the centre of a labyrinth built by the king of Minos. The story follows the Hero Theseus quest to defeat the monster bull. He succeeds in navigating the labyrinth with the help of his love interest Ariadne who gives him a ball of string to track his progress through the labyrinth. He finally defeats the beast and leaves the labyrinth. The game follows the famous story and adds expanding wilds and free spins to the mix. In Minotaurs the free spins round lasts until you hit a winning combination, guaranteeing you get to spin until you win. Continue reading →