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Basketball enjoys a rich history in the USA and the game is enjoyed by millions of fans around the world. So popular is the game that it is not uncommon for punters to congregate online and share tips in public forums.

These internet forums are fantastic sources for greyhound betting tips. The general impression one gets from such websites is that basketball punters are a friendly bunch that are willing to share their top picks and tips.

This is a great place to exchange ideas and to test theories before committing to a wager.


Basketball matches are divided up into segments and there are mostly different bets for these different phases of a game.

Punters have the option to place a bet that covers the entire duration of the event, the first half, the second half, the first quarter, the second quarter, the third quarter and lastly, the fourth quarter.

To the uninitiated this may seem a bit complicated but nothing could be further from the truth. All that a punter needs to do is sit down for a game or two and the appeal of the sport as a spectator’s event soon becomes apparent.

After becoming more familiar with the proceedings, punters like bettors of online Crown Oaks betting must be sure to keep abreast of the latest NBA betting tips before placing a wager.


Head to Head type events are for betting on the wining team. No scores guessing is necessary, just a win or lose bet. These are a great starting point, especially if you are new to sport of basketball.

Check with your bookmaker provider to see if the bets that you are placing are for the entire duration of the game or if they exclude overtime. This is important because a lot can change after normal time expires.

Predicting the score or the points spread are 2 other popular choices in basketball betting circles. NBA betting tips that are available online can prove indispensable when trying to figure out the odds between 2 teams.


Basketball’s early days were dogged by paltry spectator turnouts and poor media coverage. This was due to the low scoring games and the tendency for teams that found themselves in the lead to keep possession of the ball and not take any more shots.

This eventually led to the introduction of the shot clock, a countdown timer that forced players to take a shot before the clock ran down. This ensured that the ball was constantly changing hands and created a tense and exciting match experience for players and punters alike which still exists to this day.

The rest as they say, is history. The surge in the game’s popularity led to the development of the NBA and solidified the sport’s popularity in the modern sporting world. This in turn attracted many punters and has led to a massive stockpile of NBA betting tips online.



There are 30 teams currently in the NBA and all are vying for the top spot. This leads to some fantastic matchups with many thrills and spills during the season.

With the wealth of NBA betting tips that are available there is a smorgasbord of tasty matchups for punters to sink their teeth into.

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Punters underestimate the importance of shopping for the best lines and odds. While these same individuals would never purchase anything else of significance without first comparing prices and shopping around, very few do so when it comes to betting.

Thanks to the ease of access to the internet that all New Zealanders currently enjoy, however, it is now easier than ever to do so. Continue reading →

It is generally said that it’s not a good idea to bet on your favourite team, or any team that you are emotionally invested in. The idea is that when your emotions are involved, you can’t make an objective, informed decision. But is that really true? Is emotional involvement always a bad thing when making decisions, and are there any other pros to betting on a team you support? Continue reading →