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Understanding the odds of sports betting will help you make more informed choices and will ultimately help you win more. If you don’t understand odds, you can’t properly understand sports betting. Basically, knowing the odds is what helps you determine whether or not a wager is worth making. The potential payout of a wager is calculated with a combination of the relevant odds, and the amount of money you stake. Before you start betting, its crucial to take some time to learn how betting odds work.

What Do Odds Tell You?

Betting odds tell you both how likely an event is to happen, and how much money you stand to win for a particular wager. The higher the odds are, the more money you stand to win, but the less likely it is that you win. So higher odds mean higher payouts, lower likelihood of winning, and lower odds mean lower payout and higher likelihood of winning. If the odds are ‘even money’ this means there is a 50/50 chance of winning.

Understanding Odds Formats

There are a number of different ways that odds can be displayed, but this doesn’t translate to any difference in the odds themselves. Moneyline odds, or American odds, are those most used in the sports betting USA. They are displayed as a positive or negative number, and show how much you stand to win if you bet $100 or how much you need to stake to win $100. So odds of +150 mean that you stand to win $150, plus your initial stake of $100. If you see a negative number like -150, this means that you need to stake $150 to win $100, plus your initial stake of $150.

Fractional odds are not very common anymore, but they are still sometimes used in the UK. These odds are shown as a fraction, such as 3/1, or “three to one”. With a 3/1 wager, you can win three units for every one unit staked. Calculating these becomes tricky when there are odds like 5/2, which is why decimal odds are taking over.

Decimal odds are the ones you’re most likely to see in Canada, as well as Europe and Australia, and are becoming the standard in most other parts of the world too. They are the most straightforward, expressed as a single positive number. The number shows your potential total payout, if you multiply it by your stake. So odds of 1.50 would return $1.50 for every $1 staked. An even money bet is expressed as 2.00.

Why Do Different Bookmakers Have Different Odds?

For many wagers on sporting events, such as AFL premiership betting, different bookmakers will offer slightly different odds. This is because each bookmaker calculates their own odds, and it isn’t an exact science, and often predicting who will win comes down to a matter of opinion. Not all bookmakers will have exactly the same ideas about the likelihood of a certain outcome. For this reason, its always a good idea to shop around various bookmakers to see who will give you the most favourable odds for your selection. It also means that if you’re good at predicting the outcomes of sporting events, you may just be better than the  bookmaker and use this to turn a big profit. But if you’re a newbie, first get to grips with understanding how odds work before starting to venture beyond them.

It is generally said that it’s not a good idea to bet on your favourite team, or any team that you are emotionally invested in. The idea is that when your emotions are involved, you can’t make an objective, informed decision. But is that really true? Is emotional involvement always a bad thing when making decisions, and are there any other pros to betting on a team you support?

Con: Subjectivity

It is true that when betting on your own team, it’s hard to be objective. It is probable that you’ll think they are more likely to win than they are. If you know it’s hard for you to be objective when something you care about is involved with online betting NZ, perhaps decide to trust the stats for games your team is playing in. Even if your team usually wins, that doesn’t mean they can’t lose.

Pro: Knowledge

Your favourite team is probably the team you’ve done the most research on, and know the most about, than any other team. That’s because knowing that stuff makes you excited. And the more you know about the teams playing, the more likely it is you will make the right decision. As long as you make sure you do lots of research on the opposing team, and aren’t blinded by your love of your team, you’re actually ahead of those who don’t have a personal stake in the game.

Pro And Con: Fun Or No Fun

No-one wants to back a team that is playing against their favourite. Particularly, no-one wants to be watching and hoping that their own team loses – it’s just not a good feeling. So if the facts and your own research are telling you that the other team is likely to win, maybe sit the betting out for this one. Or, if you don’t mind losing once in a while, just bet a small amount on your own team. Having a stake on your own team will make you care even more that they win, which will make the game much more fun to watch. But again, don’t let your love for the team cloud your decision making.

Choose The Size Of Your Wager Carefully

We have already said you should be careful when betting on your own team. But if you bet a very small amount, even if your team is unlikely to win, you won’t lose that much money. Just be careful not to bet too much money on your team if the stats and your research are telling you they are likely to lose. There’s nothing wrong with betting small amounts on a likely loser if it’s going to improve your experience of the game. But don’t blow all your cash due to your blinding passion for the team.

No Right Or Wrong Answer

There’s no real right or wrong answer about whether you should bet on your own team or not. If your team usuallly wins, there’s no reason not to bet on them. Just be aware that they will lose occasionally. And if your team loses often, there’s still no reason why you shouldn’t place a small bet on them. Just be careful not to bet too much. Only you know how much your emotion clouds your sense of judgement – you need to make the call. But it’s definitely not automatically a bad idea to bet on your favourite.

Unfortunately, as is the nature of sports betting, things don’t always go according to plan. Punters in Canada most likely learned this the hard way with wagers placed on any of the matches we look back upon here. From losses to teams that Canada has never lost to before, Olympic meltdowns and everything in between, ice hockey in this country has seen some truly alarming moments in sporting history.

If you are keen on developing a sports betting strategy for ice hockey betting, you will have to be patient and accept that age old adage: you win some, you lose some.

1998 Winter Olympics

The Olympics always attracts some incredible betting online USA action, and this was no doubt the case when it came to the Canadian ice hockey team’s participation the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan. With a semi-final match at stake and Canada attempting to advance to the first gold medal game involving NHL players, a decision was made to bench star forward Wayne Gretzky, a decision which many think cost Canada the match to the Czech Republic.

However, this wasn’t the only mistake made by the management team during the 1998 Winter Olympics, and many agree that Canada was doomed before they even set a skate on the ice. Unpopular decisions were made regarding the Canadian Olympic team picks, and many of the NHL star players retired ahead of the Olympic season, marking a transitional time for team Canada. No matter what the cause was, Canada ultimately suffered a 3-2 defeat to the Czech Republic and then lost the bronze medal match to Finland, ending their 1998 Olympic dreams for good.

Canada versus France at 2014 World Championships

There were surely some Canadian dollars on the line during the opening match of the International Ice Hockey Federation’s World Championship between Canada and France in 2014. Sports betting is a risky, albeit often rewarding affair, and many didn’t see the French defeat of the Canadian team coming. Team Canada was locked in a tight match with France right from the get-go, but unfortunately the Canadians never seemed to quite find their feet.

The Canadian team took many penalties and committed numerous turnovers during the match which ultimately ended in a 3-2 loss by shootout to the French team. The 1st and last time Canada had been defeated by France in the same tournament was in the 1995, and Canada was the favourite to win as they were running on an 8-1 all-time hot streak against the French. This was deemed Canada’s most shocking defeat at the IIHF World Championships since coming up short against Norway in Russia, circa 2000.

Heavy Blow for Women’s Ice Hockey

The 2017 IIHF Women’s Ice Hockey World Championship took place Michigan, United States and unfortunately the Canadian women’s team suffered two devastating losses in a row. When team Canada experienced a 2-0 loss to the USA, the match was described as a ‘wake-up call’ for the losing team, but unfortunately they weren’t out of the wood just yet.

Just a day later, Canada experienced a shocking and entirely unexpected loss to Finland, breaking their 20-0 lifetime domination over the Finnish ice hockey team. In what should’ve been a breeze of a match, the loss was perhaps the result of not considering a lesser opponent as a serious threat, and surely had sports betting enthusiasts tearing out their hair in frustration.

An important lesson can be learned from these 3 defeats: when it comes to sports betting, a sure thing isn’t always so sure.

One can hardly talk about Canada without mentioning the NHL, or National Hockey League. Canadians are known for their passionate, sometimes fanatical support of the game, to such a extent that it is often mentioned in good natured popular culture jokes.

The NHL has been running for nearly a hundred years, and has a long, interesting history, stretch back all the way to the early 1900s. Let’s have a brief look at the history of the National Hockey League.

NHL Establishment

The NHL was first established in November 1917, coming about after the previous major hockey organization, the NHA, folded. The NHA had come under major strain due to ongoing disputes between Eddie Livingstone, the then owner of the Toronto Blueshirts, and the other team owners. The creation of the NHL was seen as a way to get beyond these squabbles, and create a hockey organisation that took the sport forward.

There were numerous changes to the format of the league over the 25 years that followed, with team owners and event organisers ironing out the specific details. During this time, in 1924, the first American team joined the NHL, which is widely seen as a major milestone for the organisation as a whole. The team was the Boston Bruins, and with their comfortable inclusion into the NHL, a number of other American teams soon followed suit. By 1926 a total of six of the official teams in the NHL were American.

Developing History

As the NHL evolved, the number of teams participating gradually dwindled, leaving only six core teams by 1942. These teams held the NHL together through until 1967, and so are often referred to as the “Original Six.” In 1967 six more teams were added, all American, again taking the organisation into a new era.

It wasn’t until 1979, however, that the NHL had another major evolution and milestone, merging with the WHA, World Hockey League. The WHA had been established a few years prior, seen as an attempt to break the monopoly the NHL had on major professional hockey. With the two organisations combined, the popularity of hockey In Canada was taken to new heights.

Recent NHL History

More expansions during the early 1990s saw the NHL adopt even more teams, bringing the total number to 26. Further expansions in the early 2000s increased that total to 30, and the planned addition of yet another Las Vegas based team in the 2017 season puts the current grand total at 31.

Some speculate that the NHL is expanding beyond its saturation point, and that at some point the number of teams is sure to stat thinning out to start gambling online USA. Either way, when keeping in mind that the NHL had comprised of only six teams, it is clear to see the enormous levels of popularity hockey has enjoyed over the years.

NHL Present

With growing popularity in the United States, and a die hard fan base in Canada, hockey is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. It is still a sport heavily focused in the Northern American regions, but growing interest is being seen in other parts of the world.

The thirteenth edition of the FINA World Swimming Championships (25m) will take place in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, in December 2016. About one thousand of the world best swimmers are expected to take part, from over 176 different countries. Forty six medals will be offered for the best times in each event in the competition, lasting for six days, and about 35,000 spectators are expected to attend the events. Windsor was awarded the right to hold this championship in 2012 by the Federation Internationale de Natation, or International Swimming Federation, known as FINA, over its rivals, Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi and Ashgabat.

Pool Being Built to FINA’s Standards

The swimming events will take place in a temporary world championship pool which will be constructed especially for the FINA World Championships (25m) in the Windsor Family Credit Union ice hockey arena per FINA’s exacting standards. The pool will be 25 metres long, 26 metres wide and two metres deep. There is also a new 25 metre pool under construction at the WFCU Centre, which will serve as the warm up pool, and provide a lasting legacy for the population of Windsor.

This is the first time the FINA World Championships (25m) will take place in Canada, and Canadians agree Windsor will create the perfect backdrop for the world class event.

These Championships Include Only Swimming Events

As these swimming championships are swum over 25 metres, instead of the Olympic size swimming pool of 50 metres, so this is called the short course swimming championships. It is always held in the even numbered years, when the FINA World Aquatic Championships do not take place. The FINA World Championships (25m) offers only swimming events, while the World Championships offer all five Aquatics disciplines. World records set in the short course pools are kept separate from those set in 50 metre long swimming pools because it may give swimmers either an advantage or a disadvantage to have more or less turns in a race. Before 1991, records set in short course pools were not officially recognised.

Competitive swimming is becoming more and more popular as a spectator sport. It is one of the Olympic sports that draw big crowds, both for individual or team events. Events take place in all the disciplines, backstroke, breaststroke, free style or butterfly.

Some Entrants are Olympic Medallists

Competitive swimming has been a favourite sport since the nineteenth century, and breaking personal or world records is an aim shared by all competitors. Many of the entrants will be those swimmers who won medals in the recent Olympic Games, and Canada in particular will field a strong team. Spectators will recognise a host of well known athletes who won medals recently at the Olympics in Brazil. The first edition of these swimming championships took place in 1993, in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, with over three hundred swimmers from forty three different countries. There were fifteen World records broken during the championships. The FINA World Swimming Championships (25m) has grown tremendously over the past twenty three years, and now established itself as a rich opportunity to place a wager on the winners, or the possibility of a world record and even has options of NJ betting online wherever you are in the world.

Short course swimming is tremendously exciting, and the finishes can be very close. Certainly, any swimmer winning a medal in a 50 metre swimming pool may not be the winner in the short course pool. Tickets are on sale at present in Windsor, Ontario, but fans not able to be attend the thrilling show will be looking forward to the television coverage.

FIFA World Cup Sports Betting Online

With over 211 eligible teams, the FIFA World Cup is the biggest opportunity for great sports betting. This world class event is held every 4 years, with a 3 year lead up to the event.

The three years preceding the Cup is the qualifying phase that determines which 32 teams enter the final FIFA World Cup tournament.

The whole 4 year lead-up to the FIFA World Cup offers great chances for single/money line bets, spread bets, futures and more. The tournament itself offers exciting betting opportunities on the 32 teams competing.

There are favourite teams that usually show a very strong performance, but at the same time the event has many notorious upsets that have resulted in big payoffs for lucky bettors.

The Competing Nations In The Cup

In the 20 events that have taken place since the inception of the FIFA World Cup in 1930, 8 teams have come out on top. Brazil is always a favourite, with 5 cups under their belt.

Germany and Italy are also very strong contenders with 4 titles each. England, Spain and France have each won one title, with Uruguay winning two.

The total viewership of the FIFA World Cup events exceeds even the Olympic Games. Previous finals have consistently had viewership’s exceeding 600 million people.

Sports betting site offer the simplest and most convenient way to place wagers on this extremely popular event.

Choosing The Best Sports Betting Site

With all the online soccer betting sites available, picking the right one for you can be challenging. It is essentially to do some research before signing up to a site because the odds offered at sites can vary.

Sites set their own odds for events, which is a doubled edged sword. You often receive better odds that are more competitive than the odds offered by brick and mortar sports bookmakers, but at the same time it can be overwhelming to find the best FIFA World Cup odds.

Online lists can help a lot that will list the top ten best sites for wagering. Reviews of betting sites can also offer clarity on where to sign up for wagering.

Making Your Deposits And Withdrawals

Real money wagering on the FIFA World Cup will require bettors to first sign up at a sports book site, then making a real money deposit into your created player account.

Making these deposits can be a breeze if you choose a site that offers many different accepted deposit methods. Bank transfers or debit and credit card payments are accepted at most sites. Another convenient way to make payments is to use online betting payment services.

When it comes to collecting winnings, you can use many of the same methods to make your withdrawals.

If a site has preferred methods to make these payments and withdrawals, take advantage of them as you will get more benefits, including larger withdrawals or faster payout times.

The Role Customer Service Plays

A rarely consider aspect when choosing your FIFA World Cup sports betting site is customer service. Try to find sports betting sites that offer you many ways to reach their support staff.

24 hour support is also a great thing to have so that if you are playing late at night, you won’t have to wait until morning to get a resolution on problems.

Best Online Casino Welcome Bonus Types

When it comes to online casino gaming, every player from the USA wants different things out of their gaming experience. However, there is one common thread that seems to tie every online player’s desires together – the welcome bonus offer.

There are many different welcome bonuses available at online casinos, ranging from cash bonuses to free spins and a variety of other offers. US players can extend their gaming time and improve their chances of winning online by taking advantage of some of these offers and learning about the best online casino welcome bonus types.

How to Use an Online Casino Bonus

Casino welcome bonuses are useful for any player who wants to claim extra casino cash or credits. The best online casino welcome bonus will allow players to play real money games with more money than their original deposit, as well as encouraging them to deposit and play more casino games online.

Welcome bonuses are on offer at practically every licensed US online casino, so the main issue for players is finding the best online casino welcome bonus offer for their own individual needs.

US players can also claim no deposit bonuses at many casinos, which require no cash deposits beforehand. These bonuses will allow players to test out the site and its real money games before they decide to sign up and play with their own cash.

Percentage Online Casino Welcome Bonuses

Welcome bonuses are awarded to US players once they have registered an account at their online casino and made their first deposit in cash. The most common types of welcome bonuses are percentage and match bonuses.

A percentage welcome bonus awards players a percentage of their original deposit, such as 20%, 50% or even 100%. For example, if a player deposits $100 and receives a 50% welcome bonus, they will receive $50 in casino bonus cash.

Casino Match Welcome Bonuses

Online casino match bonuses are also common at US friendly online casinos. A match bonus will match players’ first deposit or first few deposits, depending on whether or not the offer is for an extended bonus. So, if a player deposits $100 and receives a 100% match bonus from their casino, they will be awarded another $100 in bonus credits!

Over and above these best online casino welcome bonus offers, many casinos will also throw in free spins, or even free bets if the site is a betting casino crossover. Free spins may only be used in real money online slots games.

Additional US Online Casino Bonuses

As well as the best online casino welcome bonus offers for US players, many online casinos also award bonuses to existing members at their sites. Loyalty bonuses and loyalty points will be on offer for regular players, and may be traded in for cash back bonuses, prize draws and more at a later stage.

More and more US friendly online casinos are also offering Refer a Friend casino bonuses. This best online casino welcome bonus type awards US players a casino bonus cash amount simply for introducing new players to their chosen casino.

The Best Online Casino Games for US Players

Online casino sites that cater for players from the USA are becoming a popular alternative to the hassle and stress of commuting back and forth between brick-and-mortar casinos. Finding the best of these is now far easier to do as well –casino comparison sites allow players to investigate the best of the best, all rated; reviewed; ranked; and 100% safe and secure. Players sticking to the recommendations made by these sites can ensure that the online real money experience they are enjoying is at licensed; regulated places to play, and will be able to take part in the best online casino games that offer play that is both transparent and fair.

The ranking systems that these casino comparison sites make use of, combined with the vast experience the majority of them have under their belts, allow players to find the top online casinos that cater to players from the United States of America as well as all the best online casino games quite easily. Comprehensive reviews are provided, and players are able to quickly discover the online real money sites that provide the best bonuses; biggest jackpots; and quickest cashouts.

The Guide to Online Gambling in the USA

Online gambling is becoming the preferred method of betting these days, as they allow players from the USA and the rest of the world to enjoy all the best aspects of a land-based casino without necessitating them ever leaving their homes. When it comes to deciding which internet-based casinos that accept players from the United States of America to sign up for an account with and enjoy the best online casino games  from, there are certain features and qualities that players should ensure are in place.

Perhaps the most important feature that should be in place is favorable reviews –online casinos that are above-board will have good things said about them as well as provide the best online casino games, and players should make this their first point of reference. Casino comparison sites will provide all the top selections of online places to play, and a lot can be learned by making use of these. It is vital that players establish credibility immediately, since they will be making real money transactions on a regular basis, and these amounts can become quite large quite quickly. Players should make every effort possible to ensure that they engage in online casino game play only at sites that have been proven to be secure; reputable and trustworthy.

The second vitally important aspect when it comes to deciding which US-friendly online casino to play it is the quality of the entertainment on offer. Only those sites making the best NZ online casino games available should even be considered, and there is no reason at all for players to ever feel the need to compromise on this aspect of the online gambling experience. The levels of competition are such that online casinos are fighting for online players’ time and attention, and developers are constantly releasing online casino games of extraordinary levels of quality.