Have a Look at the Details about Keno and its Results

Keno is a popular online game, with many Australians taking part on a regular basis. With its simple rules, similarity to the lottery, but with better payout odds, and fast turnaround time, everyone can jump right in with little explanation. Keno was traditionally played with cards, requiring the player to mark the results, then hand the card in to an official.

Today, with digital technology so prevalent, even Keno in casinos is digital, using touch screens and an integrated electronic system. Simply mark your choices by touching the screen, then have your card delivered instantly. When the Keno results are delivered, straight to your screen, the winners are paid out, also digitally, and the next game begins. It has never been quicker, never more convenient, and the turn around time never faster. But is this new digital Keno missing something?

Keno of Old

Keno and lottery are very similar in play style, and likewise have long been associated with the excitement of having numbers called out. The atmosphere has always been charged as players sat waiting, hoping that they would be winners. Today, with the digital revolution all about time and less about tension, some say the core of Keno has been lost.

There is no longer a need to have a well dressed man calling out the numbers, and no need to have a gorgeous woman operating a mechanical ball selection device. More so now that Keno may be played online, since there is no longer even any need for players to be present when playing the game.

Online Keno

Make your selection on your phone, or home computer, click to send the card, and receive the Keno results almost instantly after the game has been closed. It takes a minute, the payout is deposited into an account, and you can start again. Certainly the traditional Keno atmosphere has been lost, but what has been given instead is incredible convenience.

The Keno results arrive instantly and there is never any question as to whether results are accurate. You can even have the results of the game emailed, if you are not online when the game is closed. Some may say that the trade off is a good one, while others insist that real Keno is played in a real world casino.

Multiple Keno Games at Once

Multiple Keno means that players may participate in many games at once. You may simply play more then one game at a time, filling in multiple cards, and having multiple Keno results delivered when the games conclude. More games means more chances of winning, and also more ways to bet. Some casinos offer internet Keno with special features, offering betting options that are exclusive to that establishments. Look around online and find a variation of Keno that suits you.

If you would like more information on how to play online Keno, or how to receive your Keno results, simply contact the customer support centre of that particular online casino. Remember that you may play a game of Keno and logoff your account. The results will be sent via email as soon as they are available.

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