We Explore How Mobile Devices Have Changed Betting

The industry of online gambling has gone through more changes in the past few years than it has undergone at any other period of history. There are a number of different trends that have driven these changes, but the surge in smartphone and tablet use is certainly one of the most significant.

In response to this growing demand, online casino game and betting market providers have begun to implement a variety of changes in order to ensure that their users get what they are looking for.

The Growth of the Mobile Game Industry

Mobile gambling was barely making waves a few short years ago, but has gone on to totally revolutionise the way New Zealand punters and their counterparts around the world interact with the markets they are interested in.

There are a number of factors that have propelled the growth of mobile casino gaming:

  1. Punters enjoy spending time on their smartphones and tablets, and this has given providers increased access to a previously unavailable customer base.
  2. The mobile applications provided by online casino and betting sites provide a more interactive experience.
  3. The increased amount of time that punters are spending at work means that there is less free- or down-time, and mobile devices allow punters to grab a few minutes throughout the day during which they can spin the virtual roulette wheel or play the ponies.

Social Gaming Has Also Impacted Who is Betting

The growth that the mobile gambling South Africa industry has experienced can also be attributed in part to the increase in popularity of social gaming. Patrons have discovered that online gambling can be a very interactive experience, and providers are capitalising on this by expanding services in order to make real money casino games available to potential punters by means of the free social gaming applications the latter are enjoying.

Smartphones are Redefining Online Gambling

Mobile devices are bringing changes to the online gambling industry more quickly than providers could reasonably have anticipated, and this has resulted in a need for new technology in order to provide players with a seamless experience.

The investments these providers have made in terms of this new technology are now allowing them to reach a far wider section of the population and even those looking for all kinds of online betting options.

The Changing Behaviour of Casino Game Consumers

Research has shown that the use of mobile devices has played a key role in how consumers behave. Since they are able to engage with their games by means of a number of different settings on their smartphones and tablets, consumers are integrating their gambling habits with their other day to day activities, and although this has resulted in more patrons taking part, it has also put pressure on mobile casino and betting activity providers to stand out from the slew of possible places to wager and play.

Millennials, surprisingly, have been one of the more difficult demographics for providers of gambling activities to reach, but the increase in use of mobile devices has made this less so. The method of reach was by means of marketed free social casino games aimed at attracting younger adults, which generally resulted in these individuals exploring real money activities along down the road.

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