Play Microgaming™ Maritime Maidens Online Slots

Maritime Maidens slot by Microgaming offers the player a total of twenty five paylines with five reels.

The art style of Maritime Maidens slot is a comic cartoon style with the mermaids drawn in a 1940s pin up style. Overall, Microgaming has decided to use an ocean pallet for this game, and there are many different shades of blues, greens, and sand colours used in this slot. There is also the heavy use of water and the ocean in particular.

Behind the reel, the background of this slot is comprised of a tropical beach scene. At the bottom, the player can see a white sand beach with emerald water gently hitting the shore. Farther in the background, the player can see small green hills rising up from the water. In the distance there are large mountains with lush green vegetation growing on top of them.

Wispy white clouds are seen floating in a light blue sky and black sea birds are gliding around just above the top of the reel. The title of this slot, Maritime Maidens, is written at the top of the reel in a blue to green gradient. The reel itself is bordered by intricate silver scrolling. This silver scrolling is also used to the left and the right of the reel where the player can see the various paylines available in the game. The words 25 lines are written in blue hearts at the top of the scrolling payline indicator.

Below the reel, there is various informational boxes and betting options that they player can utilise. The player can view pays and adjust their bets. They adjust the bets by pushing the minus and plus buttons under the betting box. The player can also see the lines available for play, the coins they have left, their bet and their win. There is also a spin button which has been highlighted in green.

Maritime Maidens Slot Symbols

The symbols in Maritime Maidens follow along with the ocean and maritime theme of this slot. Symbols include traditional slot symbols such as the ten, jack, queen, king and ace, but also have additional symbols which are more tied into the overall theme. The first of these symbols is a blonde mermaid with a green tail sitting on a beach with a white bird. The second of these symbols is a mermaid with red hair and an orange tail sitting on a beach. The third symbol is a mermaid with orange hair and a purple tail sitting on the beach. The fourth symbol is a mermaid with brown hair and a blue tail sitting on the beach. Additionally, there are two more mermaids that serve as symbols. One has a golden orange tale and one has a red tail. The final two symbols are a wild and symbol with the name of the slot on it.

Bonus Features

There are two bonus in this slot at top 10 online casinos Canada 2019. One is called Sea Coast and the other is called Oyster Hunting. The Sea Coast bonus game involves free spins while the Oyster Hunting lets the player pick from twenty oysters that are on the screen. Under some of the oysters are prizes for the player. The player must try and pick the oysters with the best prizes. Some of the shells have pearls in them. Once the player has uncovered four pearls then bonus game is over.

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