Mobile Video Poker is Here to Stay

The allure of Poker is undeniable. After evolving for nearly one thousand years it has lodged itself steadfastly into the mind and arena of popular culture, arguably more than any other game of its kind. Billions of dollars have been exchanged over poker tables, from the grandest and most well known casinos in the world, to a friendly game between friends on their dedicated poker nights.

The Progression of Poker

The next incarnation of the great game was video poker, played on a computerised console similar to a slot machine and developed in the 1970’s. By the mid 1980’s video poker had become immensely popular and players flocked to casinos to enjoy this less intimidating, simpler form of a favourite card game. The creation of video poker meant you could play wherever you found a machine, without having a dedicated dealer or even any other players. All you needed to play was a few coins and a bit of luck and you could be a winner.

When online casinos started opening their virtual doors video poker went digital and now we have access the most convenient, easy to play and portable version of the game to date, namely mobile video poker.

Access Your Favourite Mobile Video Poker Game

As the name suggests, mobile video poker can be played across a range of mobile platforms. It can be played on your smartphone or tablet for fun, or, with an Internet connection, you can use your device to connect to a range of top-class online casinos to play for some serious winnings.

Mobile video poker can be accessed through both Download and No Download channels. Download channels involve downloading software or an app to your device, which you can then connect to without having the hassle of searching for your best online poker sites in Canada or having to log in again and again. You can also use the no download option and play through your Internet browser if on a temporary device or if you so choose.

Improved Format for Seamless Gameplay

Winning hands in mobile video poker are the same way as regular poker, with the top hands from lowest to highest still being a high card, one pair, three of a kind, a straight, a flush, a full house, four of a kind, a straight flush and the much coveted royal flush. Bets are also usually placed similarly to regular land based poker, with an Ante to start, and betting at each of the subsequent rounds after that.

The major difference is the format. Most Video Poker games are in a slot reel format. This streamlines play and makes it easier to focus on creating your winning hands. It also makes it easier to play in a mobile video poker format off your supported device. It’s easy to see why many players consider video poker to be a hybrid of slots and poker games and the action, entertainment and big wins they offer are incredible.

Enjoy Jacks or Better or other popular mobile video poker games on your Android, iPhone, iPad or other preferred mobile device and start winning big on the move.

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