FINA World Swimming Championships (25m)

The thirteenth edition of the FINA World Swimming Championships (25m) will take place in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, in December 2016. About one thousand of the world best swimmers are expected to take part, from over 176 different countries. Forty six medals will be offered for the best times in each event in the competition, lasting for six days, and about 35,000 spectators are expected to attend the events. Windsor was awarded the right to hold this championship in 2012 by the Federation Internationale de Natation, or International Swimming Federation, known as FINA, over its rivals, Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi and Ashgabat.

Pool Being Built to FINA’s Standards

The swimming events will take place in a temporary world championship pool which will be constructed especially for the FINA World Championships (25m) in the Windsor Family Credit Union ice hockey arena per FINA’s exacting standards. The pool will be 25 metres long, 26 metres wide and two metres deep. There is also a new 25 metre pool under construction at the WFCU Centre, which will serve as the warm up pool, and provide a lasting legacy for the population of Windsor.

This is the first time the FINA World Championships (25m) will take place in Canada, and Canadians agree Windsor will create the perfect backdrop for the world class event.

These Championships Include Only Swimming Events

As these swimming championships are swum over 25 metres, instead of the Olympic size swimming pool of 50 metres, so this is called the short course swimming championships. It is always held in the even numbered years, when the FINA World Aquatic Championships do not take place. The FINA World Championships (25m) offers only swimming events, while the World Championships offer all five Aquatics disciplines. World records set in the short course pools are kept separate from those set in 50 metre long swimming pools because it may give swimmers either an advantage or a disadvantage to have more or less turns in a race. Before 1991, records set in short course pools were not officially recognised.

Competitive swimming is becoming more and more popular as a spectator sport. It is one of the Olympic sports that draw big crowds, both for individual or team events. Events take place in all the disciplines, backstroke, breaststroke, free style or butterfly.

Some Entrants are Olympic Medallists

Competitive swimming has been a favourite sport since the nineteenth century, and breaking personal or world records is an aim shared by all competitors. Many of the entrants will be those swimmers who won medals in the recent Olympic Games, and Canada in particular will field a strong team. Spectators will recognise a host of well known athletes who won medals recently at the Olympics in Brazil. The first edition of these swimming championships took place in 1993, in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, with over three hundred swimmers from forty three different countries. There were fifteen World records broken during the championships. The FINA World Swimming Championships (25m) has grown tremendously over the past twenty three years, and now established itself as a rich opportunity to place a wager on the winners, or the possibility of a world record and even has options of NJ betting online wherever you are in the world.

Short course swimming is tremendously exciting, and the finishes can be very close. Certainly, any swimmer winning a medal in a 50 metre swimming pool may not be the winner in the short course pool. Tickets are on sale at present in Windsor, Ontario, but fans not able to be attend the thrilling show will be looking forward to the television coverage.

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