Month: September 2016

A Look at Prowling Panther Online Slot

Prowling Panther is a video slot with a jungle animal theme. Developed by IGT, the online slot has five reels and 720 ways to win. The two main bonus features are a multiplier Wild that can stack on the reels, and a bonus symbol that could award more than 200 free spins.

The game has an exceeding wide betting range, which makes it accessible to low and high rollers, and its 720 ways to win and MultiWay Xtra feature mean that the need for traditional paylines is done away with.

Prowling Panther’s five reels feature different numbers of rows. The first and fifth reels have three rows, the second and fourth reels have four rows, and the third, central reel has five rows. Bordered with various colours, the reels are set in a dense, humid jungle, with dark green plants at the bottom, and taller trees stretching up toward a pale green canopy.

Prowling Panther Operation

The only adjustment that can be made to Prowling Panther’s bets is the value of the coin. The controls used to adjust the value are found second from the left, under the reels.

Depending on player preferences, the reels can be spun for a minimum of 0.50, for a maximum of 1500.00, or for a range of values in between. The button to spin the reels is an orange disc with a curved arrow pointing in a clockwise direction.

The button used to make the online slot play itself is light green, and labelled Auto Spin. It is on the far right, under the reels.

Prowling Panther Reel Symbols

There are themed and standard symbols in Prowling Panther. The themed symbols include a black panther, a toucan, a parrot, a gold panther, and a purple 2X set in a jungle scene.

Playing card 10, J, Q, K, and A in bright, bold colours are the standard symbols, which pay out lower than the themed symbols.

The gold panther is the bonus symbol, and its function is to activate the slot’s free spins round. The 2X symbol is the multiplier Wild symbol.

Hundreds of Free Spins

The Prowling Panther free spins round is activated whenever three or more gold panther bonus symbols land in any position on the reels.  The initial number of free spins played depends on how many bonus symbols appeared on the reels.

The initial game could see anything between eight and 96 free spins awarded. However, as it’s possible to re-activate free spins from within the feature, the number of free spins could be as high as 256.

Prowling Panther Wild Symbol

Prowling Panther’s 2X Wild symbol is featured in the base game and in the free spins. However, it appears on the second, third, and fourth reels only.

The Wild can substitute for reel symbols in winning online casino New Zealand combinations. It can also stack on the reels, which means it could help produce a few winning combinations on one spin, and it can double payouts.

The only symbol the Wild will not substitute for is the gold panther bonus symbol.

A Glance at Pompeii Online Slot

The online version of a popular Aristocrat slot machine, Pompeii has five reels and 243 Ways to Win that replace standard paylines.

Like its land-based counterpart, it is a video slot, and has bonus features as well as animations and special sound effects. The game’s bonus features include a multiplier Wild symbol, a Scatter symbol, and free spins.

The reels have a mosaic tile effect to them. Behind them is a view of graceful ancient Roman buildings and a volcano. The game is based on one of the most famous natural disasters of the ancient Mediterranean world.

A city of wine, women, and song, the town of Pompeii was a favourite holiday getaway for many Romans. One night in 79 CE, Mount Vesuvius, the volcano on the slopes of which the town was built, erupted. The town and a great many of its people were buried under hot ash.

The ruins and the remains of those who lived there are a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and one of Italy’s most popular tourist attractions.

Symbols on Pompeii’s Reels

The high-paying and bonus reel symbols show the glories of Pompeii, as Vesuvius began its eruption. The lower-paying symbols are standard.

A gold coin bearing Caesar’s portrait, a sword and shield, a helmet, a shield with an image of two dolphins, a horse and chariot, and the volcano spewing ash and lava comprise the main symbols. The standard symbols are nine, 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace numbers and letters in different colours.

The symbols can form winning combinations in 243 different ways, which means the only real requirement is that the symbols forming the paying combination appear adjacent to one another, from the left to the right of the reels.

Playing Pompeii Online Slot

The first thing to do when playing Pompeii is set the credit value by using the Denomination plus and minus buttons to select the desired value. While there is no selecting of paylines, the number of credits played per spin can be selected using the Credits Per Spin plus and minus buttons.

Once those settings are in place, the only control that needs to be used is the yellow Spin button, unless the player wants to alter their bet settings. The red Auto Spin button will make the reels spin automatically, which means the player does not need to click any further controls and just watch like in online bingo games in Australia.

Vesuvius Multiplier Wild

Mount Vesuvius makes for a fitting Wild symbol in Pompeii. It also acts as a multiplier, and it can be seen only on the second and fourth reels.

It can substitute itself for all the symbols except the Scatter, assisting other symbols to make combinations to pay out. When it combines with other symbols, it acts as a multiplier.

Interestingly, the size of the multiplier depends on which reel the Wild appeared. If it is on the second reel, the payout is multiplied by three. If it appears on the fourth reel, the payout is multiplied by five. However, if it appears on both reels, the payout is multiplied by 15.

Gold Coin Scatter

Pompeii’s Scatter symbol is the gold coin. The free spins bonus game will be activated when three or more Scatters land on the reels.

The number of Scatters that land on the reels determines the number of free spins played. The number of spins will be either 10, 15, or 20.

Guide to Plum Royale with Cheese Online Slot

A fruity-themed video online slot, Plum Royale has five reels, 20 paylines, and can be played for free or for real money. The number of paylines in play can be decided by the player, as can the value of the coins used.

Multiplier Wilds, Scatters, and free spins are included as bonus features.

There are two modes of play in the game properly known as Plum Royale with Cheese. The default mode is the regular mode of placing bets and spinning the reels by clicking various controls, while the second mode is the optional Auto mode, whereby the player can set the slot to spin automatically.

Betting Range and Playing Guide

The buttons that access the various Plum Royale bet settings look like slices of cheese. Those are the Stake and Lines buttons on the left of the interface.

The Stake button accesses a range of coin values per line; the lowest of which is 0.05, and the highest is 50.00. The Lines buttons allows the number of active paylines to be adjusted.

The slice of cheese labelled Bet Max places the maximum bet allowed, which is 1000.00 per spin. The slice of watermelon labelled Spin spins the reels, and the slice of cheese labelled Auto accesses the autoplay feature.

The autoplay feature is not complicated. The reels spin automatically, placing a new bet each time, once the button is selected.

The Spin button is replaced by a Stop button while the reels spin automatically. The feature can be stopped at any time by selecting the Stop button.

Reel Symbols in Plum Royale

Various symbols appear on the Plum Royale reels. They pay out different amount or fulfil special functions.

A crowned plum with googly eyes, a blue seven, a red seven, a bar, a bell, a lemon, a cherry, a watermelon, a wedge of cheese, and a green seven make up the reel symbols.

The symbol that pays out the jackpot for five in a row on an active payline is the crowned plum. The red seven also offers very high payouts, while the green seven and the cheese wedge are bonus symbols.

Bonus Symbols in Plum Royale

The green seven is Plum Royale’s multiplier Wild. As such, it does two things.

The first is that it can substitute for all reel symbols except the wedge of cheese. The second is that it doubles payouts when it assists other symbols form combinations that win.

The cheese wedge is the Scatter symbol. It also does two things; namely, it pays, and it triggers free spins.

The Scatter does not need to land on the Plum Royale reels in any particular order or in any specific positions to do either. However, three, four, or five Scatters need to appear for either to be awarded.

15 free spins are awarded for three Scatters, 20 free spins for four Scatters, and 25 free spins for five Scatters. The base game resumes once all free spins have been completed.

Play Your Cards Right Online Slot Described

An online slot distributed by IGT, Play Your Cards Right is based on a TV gameshow hosted by Bruce Forsyth that first aired in 1980. There are five reels and 15 paylines, and, as it’s a video slot, there are bonus features, too.

As to be expected, there are Wild and Scatter symbols. However, there is also a Bonus symbol and money-collecting Cash Pots. The Scatter and Bonus symbols are the keys to the slot’s two bonus games.

Close attention has been paid to the graphics, animations, and sound effects. The sound and visuals remain true to the original TV show, from the design of the set in the background, to the soundtrack and sound effects.

Guide to Reel Symbols

All of the Play Your Cards Right reel symbols are inspired by the familiar design of standard playing cards. All symbols except the Scatter pay from left to right, in consecutive order, on active paylines.

The symbols include Jack, Queen, and King court cards, Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs, and Spades signs, a Joker, a red and blue Double Chance symbol, and a Grand Final symbol that shows the four card suits.

The Joker is Wild, the Double Chance is the Bonus symbol, and the Grand Final is the Scatter.

At the top right of the Play Your Cards Right reels are blue and red playing card signs. Those are the Cash Pots.

Whenever blue symbols land on the reels, the amount in the blue sign will increase, and when red symbols land, the amount in the red sign will increase. Those coins can be played for in the Double Chance bonus feature.

Joker is Wild

Play Your Cards Right’s joker Wild can substitute for most of the reel symbols. The symbols for which it does not substitute are the Grand Final or Double Chance symbols.

When it lands on the reels, the Wild could form winning combinations with other symbols. Winning combinations pay out the maximum value when assisted by the Wild.

Double Chance Bonus Feature

The Double Chance bonus feature begins when three or more Double Chance symbols land consecutively on an active payline. The feature takes place in a second screen.

Two rows of cards appear on the screen. The online NZ casino game is played by guessing whether the following card to be drawn is of higher or lower value than the last card drawn.

Completion of the row of red cards awards the red Cash Pot. Completion of the row of blue cards awards the blue Cash Pot. The game can be frozen if a decision cannot be made.

Grand Final Bonus Feature

The Play Your Cards Right Grand Final bonus feature will begin when three or more Grand Final Scatters land anywhere on the reels. They do not need to land in consecutive order, or even on an active payline.

The game is also played on a second screen, and is similar to the Double Chance bonus game. In this game, there are three rows or cards, and, again, it must be guessed whether the next card to be drawn is higher or lower than the previous.

If the bottom row is completed, the initial bet will be doubled. If the middle row is completed, the initial bet will be multiplied five times, and if the top row is complete, the initial bet will be multiplied 10 times.

Platinum Pyramid Online Slot

The deserts of ancient Egypt are setting of Platinum Pyramid, an online slot by NextGen Gaming. The game has five reels and 20 adjustable paylines.

Its reel symbols put a platinum shine on the mysterious culture, and included among the reel symbols are a Wild and a Scatter. The main bonus feature is a free spins round.

The betting range is wide, and the controls used to place bets, spin the reels, and access various settings and information screens are easy to navigate. The graphics are clear, and the soundtrack includes casino-like effects.

Betting and Autoplay

At the start of Platinum Pyramid, the number of paylines must be selected, and the coin value must be set. Both the Lines and Bet boxes have arrows pointing to the right and to the left, on either side.

Clicking the left-pointing arrow decreases the number shown in the box, while clicking the right-pointing arrow increases it. When the numbers in both boxes show the desired number of lines and coin value, the Spin button is selected.

The Bet Max button is selected to place the maximum bet allowed by the online pokies in Australia, without having to click either the Lines or Bet arrows.

The Platinum Pyramid Autoplay feature can be used to make the slot play itself. The desired number of spins to be played by the game are set by selecting the arrow buttons on either side of the Autoplay box.

The feature will begin when the Play button is selected. The Advanced button provides access to further Autoplay settings.

Platinum Pyramid Reel Symbols

Platinum Pyramid online slot features four high value symbols, six low value symbols, and two bonus symbols. The high value and bonus symbols are themed, although the low value symbols do not look too out of place.

The high value symbols include a canopic jar, a lotus flower, a turquoise ankh, and the eye of Horus. A priestess holding a crook and an ankh, and a pyramid covered with platinum are the bonus symbols.

The low value symbols are platinum-coloured 9, 10, J, Q, K, and A card symbols.

Platinum Pyramid Scatter and Free Spins

The Platinum Pyramid Scatter symbol can pay out and trigger the bonus feature from any position on the online slot reels. At least three symbols need to land on the reels to form a winning combination.

If three Scatters land on the reels, five free spins are awarded. If four Scatters land, 10 free spins are awarded, and if five Scatters land, 15 free spins are awarded. Any payouts won during the bonus feature will be tripled, and the feature can be retriggered if three or more Scatters land on the reels.

Platinum Pyramid Wild Symbol

The Platinum Pyramid priestess Wild symbol can pay out and it can act as a bonus symbol. When it pays out for five of the same on an active payline, it pays the maximum payout.

As a bonus symbol, it can substitute itself for other symbols. It won’t substitute for the Scatter, but it will substitute when it can help other symbols make a pay table combination. When that happens, the combination pays its highest value.