Unpacking Urartu Slot Game by Endorphina for Casino Players

Since the online slot game developer first launched, Endorphina has become well known for producing slots with themes that take a step back from traditional ones and provide players with new worlds to emerge themselves in.

This is evident in the likes of Urartu slot game. Urartu is believed to have been first mentioned in the Bible, where it was named as an ancient kingdom located somewhere in Armenia. Over the years, plenty of questions and mysteries have popped up with regards to this long gone Armenian kingdom, and now, Endorphina is trying to give players a glimpse into what it may have been like through the reels of this online slot game. For more information on the game, see below.

The Atmosphere

One thing that Endorphina has never ever faltered on is its approach to the atmospheres that it creates for players to enjoy. This is evident in Urartu slot game. In terms of visuals, the game is set against an arid desert, and in the distance, snow-capped mountains can be seen. In the forefront of the game, in other words, where the reels are, is a modest-looking grey stone block. This block has no decorations adorning it. Accompanying the backdrop and the stone block is an oriental soundtrack. It sounds mysterious, and truly adds to the feel of embarking on an adventure across a previously undiscovered land.

The Structure

A lot of the time, slots at online and mobile casinos in Canada are based on a very simple structure, even though they may have extravagant themes and intricate graphics. This is because slot games need to be easy for players to navigate around. Furthermore, these games generally run at an incredibly fast pace, so players need to ensure that they can quickly adapt and get into the game so as to keep up with the pace. Urartu slot game has a very simple structure, with just five reels and 10 paylines. However, this works very well in terms of conveying the theme as well, as it perfectly compliments the simplicity of the backdrop and grey stone setting of the game.

The Symbols

Without the symbols, an online slot game cannot function, so it is important for these kinds of games to be able to offer players symbols that are quickly and easily distinguished from one another. Urartu slot game’s symbols do, of course, fit in with the theme that has been so carefully designed by Endorphina.

The game’s lowest ranking symbols take the form of standard playing card symbols that range from the nine all the way up to the Ace symbols. The higher-ranking ones, however, are far more intricate. These take the form of a helmet and a spear, a stone carved eagle, a stone carved lion, and the King and Queen of Urartu.

At the end of the day, even though the theme may not be one that many players are all too familiar with, Urartu slot game has plenty to offer players and is sure to provide a good few rounds of entertainment.

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