Ultra Fresh Slot

How Fresh is Fresh?

Endorphina has a tradition of creating slots with themes different from the norm, or what is generally expected: in a world of garishly bright, heavily animated, and just generally overwhelming slots, they won kudos with the release of Sparkling Fresh, a simple slot with crisp, clean artwork, and a simple style that harked back to the days of yore, when mechanical machines genuinely featured pictures of fruit on their metal reels. Now, they continue this style of game with Ultra Fresh, once more featuring images of fruit on a vibrant, verdant background, rendered in a simple, glossy 2D-printed style, and a font reminiscent of 1950’s Pop Art.

Bites and Bets

Ultra Fresh features only 5 possible pay lines, across three reels, so getting started is simply a matter of setting the coin value, anywhere between 0.01 and 5, selecting up to the 5 lines, and setting the value of your wager. There are no Wild symbols or Scatters of any kind, but like many Endorphina games, there is the Take Risk option whenever a winning combination is triggered. This activates a very simple mini game, where you select a random card, as does the computer: if yours is higher, your winnings are doubled, a trend that can continue through 5 cards, or until you lose the entire stake.

There is also an Auto Spin function, which can be set to simply spin away and rack up the winnings, allowing busy players to have several slot games on the go simultaneously.

The basic symbols of the game are simply items of fruit: plums, grapes, lemons, cherries, strawberries and watermelons. All of these appear in multiples in every frame, helping to fill the screen with a sensation of freshness. Filling all three reels with a single type of fruit will double all winnings, depending on how many lines you have chosen to activate.

The next highest value symbols are the BAR sign, which will net a 60x the trigger bet when they appear in all three reels, followed by the gold star, which will reward you with a 200x multiplier. Most valuable, however, is the stylised purple number 7, which in combination can be worth 750x the original wager.

Fresh and New?

Yes, and No, is the answer to that. Ultra Fresh certainly brings something different to the jaded slot playing public, through its simplicity and evocative recreation of a classic slot game. Its three reel structure and minimal number of pay lines makes it immediately accessible to all, but the lack of special symbols and multipliers may leave punters slightly unsatisfied, and wanting a slot with, dare we say, a bit more meat to it. Ultra Fresh does the job, if you are looking for a bright and easy to play online slot, with vibrant colours and crisp sound effects, and it certainly won’t disappoint in what it sets out to do. It’s good, wholesome fun.

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