The King slot

An Overview Of Endorphina’s The King Slot

When it comes to online slot games, almost every manner of theme has been covered. Some of them have been returned to many, many times again. The King slot game, developed by Endorphina, is one such game. Set in a medieval kingdom, this game transports players to another time and place through its reels. It has plenty to offer players when it comes to entertainment, and furthermore, is designed to help them increase their winnings significantly along the way. For more information on this regal game, including its structure and any bonus features it has to offer, take a look below.

The Structure

One of the biggest things that most players look for in online slot games is whether or not the game is easy to use and simple to understand. Players are often after simplicity, especially when it comes to games of this kind, as it ensures that they can easily adapt and get into the game the moment they start playing, instead of spending too much time figuring out how exactly it works. When it came to The King slot game, Endorphina ensured that this was at the top of their list. This game may be simple in structure with just five reels and 10 paylines, but it certainly packs quite the punch.

The Extra Features

Bonus features and symbols are always welcome in the world of online slot games as they help players increase their winnings without having to put any extra money into the kitty. The King slot offers players two feature symbols. The first symbol is that of the king’s crown. This regal offering acts as a wild symbol, which in other words, means that it can stand in and substitute for any other symbol missing from a winning combination. The only symbol that it cannot replace is that of the second feature symbol, the scatter. This is represented by a lion crest. It has the power to award players with free spins. By landing at least three of these on the reels, players will automatically be given 15 free spins, and all the winnings made here will be multiplied by three.

The Convenience Factor

It is so incredibly important for online slot games to be able to offer players certain conveniences, especially considering the fact that we live in a busy world where we often don’t have time to sit down and play for extended periods unless when we’re playing online bingo in Australia in our twilight years. However, because casino games like The King slot are based online, they can conveniently be accessed from almost anywhere at any time of the day or night. In other words, just as long as they have a stable Internet connection, players will be able to enjoy this game from a range of devices including tablets, mobile phones and laptops.

All in all, The King slot game has plenty to offer players, as it encompasses everything that has made online slot games as popular as they are today. Furthermore, there are plenty of fun ways for players to increase their winnings without having to spend any more money on the slot.

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