Month: April 2016

Unpacking Urartu Slot Game By Endorphina

Since the online slot game developer first launched, Endorphina has become well known for producing slots with themes that take a step back from traditional ones and provide players with new worlds to emerge themselves in.

This is evident in the likes of Urartu slot game. Urartu is believed to have been first mentioned in the Bible, where it was named as an ancient kingdom located somewhere in Armenia. Over the years, plenty of questions and mysteries have popped up with regards to this long gone Armenian kingdom, and now, Endorphina is trying to give players a glimpse into what it may have been like through the reels of this online slot game. For more information on the game, see below.

The Atmosphere

One thing that Endorphina has never ever faltered on is its approach to the atmospheres that it creates for players to enjoy. This is evident in Urartu slot game. In terms of visuals, the game is set against an arid desert, and in the distance, snow-capped mountains can be seen. In the forefront of the game, in other words, where the reels are, is a modest-looking grey stone block. This block has no decorations adorning it. Accompanying the backdrop and the stone block is an oriental soundtrack. It sounds mysterious, and truly adds to the feel of embarking on an adventure across a previously undiscovered land.

The Structure

A lot of the time, online slot games are based on a very simple structure, even though they may have extravagant themes and intricate graphics. This is because slot games need to be easy for players to navigate around. Furthermore, these games generally run at an incredibly fast pace, so players need to ensure that they can quickly adapt and get into the game so as to keep up with the pace. Urartu slot game has a very simple structure, with just five reels and 10 paylines. However, this works very well in terms of conveying the theme as well, as it perfectly compliments the simplicity of the backdrop and grey stone setting of the game.

The Symbols

Without the symbols, an online slot game cannot function, so it is important for these kinds of games to be able to offer players symbols that are quickly and easily distinguished from one another. Urartu slot game’s symbols do, of course, fit in with the theme that has been so carefully designed by Endorphina.

The game’s lowest ranking symbols take the form of standard playing card symbols that range from the nine all the way up to the Ace symbols. The higher-ranking ones, however, are far more intricate. These take the form of a helmet and a spear, a stone carved eagle, a stone carved lion, and the King and Queen of Urartu.

At the end of the day, even though the theme may not be one that many players are all too familiar with, Urartu slot game has plenty to offer players and is sure to provide a good few rounds of entertainment.

Undines Deep Online Slot Review

It’s a truism often repeated, that we know more about the surface of the Moon than we do about the oceans of our own planet: perhaps this is because we know for certain that there are no such things as lunar sharks, but that is besides the point. Undine’s Deep takes you to explore these depths, discover exotic creatures, and with any luck, spot a mermaid, who will reward you greatly for your efforts. Endorphina games tend to follow traditional themes, often with a slight twist, but by avoiding obvious licensing overlaps, they are able to bring fresh, original artwork and ideas to these: Undine’s Deep is no exception, with a look that combines The Little Mermaid with Bioshock, while being neither.

Slots Basics

The game plays out on a beautiful watery background, fringed with kelp, and to the sound of suitably ethereal music. The symbols are, in the lower value orders, those of the conventional playing cards, rendered in a beautiful verdigris finish. Higher than these in value are a shimmering jellyfish, a sea horse and nautilus shell, and then followed by a sea urchin and a star fish.

Highest in value is the goldfish, which makes sense, really. 5 of these across the reels will result in a 9000 coin payout, but it also functions as the Wild symbol, and can substitute for all except the Scatter: it will also add a 2x multiplier to any winning combination of which it is a part. Coin value can be set up to 5, and while Undine’s Deep offers only ten potential paylines, it does have the Gamble feature common to many Endorphina games, which allows for random wagers and large payouts like you might see when you play online blackjack for real money in Canada.

Seaside Scatters

The Scatter symbol of this game is the red haired mermaid: a Disney character she is not, being gorgeously rendered in quite a racy style. Not only does her appearance on multiple reels net you up to a 5000 coin payout, but it will also trigger 15 free spins, which can be retriggered, and during which a 3x multiplier comes into effect.

During normal game play, there is also the Take Risk option also found on many Endorphina games: this allows you to wager any winnings in a mini game, where you need to pick a face down card, and hope that it is of higher value than that chosen by the dealer. This can potentially double your winnings, or lose everything, so be very sure before hitting the Take Win option like when doubling down playing bingo for money.

Hold Your Breath

Undine’s Deep is a fairly new offering from Endorphina, and as such has a paucity of information available on it: what this does mean, however, is that it looks a lot newer, and offers more variety in its winnings than some of their previous offerings. The artwork is clean and professional, and the commitment to the theme is evident in every aspect of the game. It is worth doing some research on this one by the simplest and most enjoyable means possible: give it a spin for yourself.

How Fresh is Fresh?

Endorphina has a tradition of creating slots with themes different from the norm, or what is generally expected: in a world of garishly bright, heavily animated, and just generally overwhelming slots, they won kudos with the release of Sparkling Fresh, a simple slot with crisp, clean artwork, and a simple style that harked back to the days of yore, when mechanical machines genuinely featured pictures of fruit on their metal reels. Now, they continue this style of game with Ultra Fresh, once more featuring images of fruit on a vibrant, verdant background, rendered in a simple, glossy 2D-printed style, and a font reminiscent of 1950’s Pop Art.

Bites and Bets

Ultra Fresh features only 5 possible pay lines, across three reels, so getting started is simply a matter of setting the coin value, anywhere between 0.01 and 5, selecting up to the 5 lines, and setting the value of your wager. There are no Wild symbols or Scatters of any kind, but like many Endorphina games, there is the Take Risk option whenever a winning combination is triggered. This activates a very simple mini game, where you select a random card, as does the computer: if yours is higher, your winnings are doubled, a trend that can continue through 5 cards, or until you lose the entire stake.

There is also an Auto Spin function, which can be set to simply spin away and rack up the winnings, allowing busy players to have several slot games on the go simultaneously.

The basic symbols of the game are simply items of fruit: plums, grapes, lemons, cherries, strawberries and watermelons. All of these appear in multiples in every frame, helping to fill the screen with a sensation of freshness. Filling all three reels with a single type of fruit will double all winnings, depending on how many lines you have chosen to activate.

The next highest value symbols are the BAR sign, which will net a 60x the trigger bet when they appear in all three reels, followed by the gold star, which will reward you with a 200x multiplier. Most valuable, however, is the stylised purple number 7, which in combination can be worth 750x the original wager.

Fresh and New?

Yes, and No, is the answer to that. Ultra Fresh certainly brings something different to the jaded slot playing public, through its simplicity and evocative recreation of a classic slot game. Its three reel structure and minimal number of pay lines makes it immediately accessible to all, but the lack of special symbols and multipliers may leave punters slightly unsatisfied, and wanting a slot with, dare we say, a bit more meat to it. Ultra Fresh does the job, if you are looking for a bright and easy to play online slot, with vibrant colours and crisp sound effects, and it certainly won’t disappoint in what it sets out to do. It’s good, wholesome fun.

Back to Bram and Bela

The modern fascination with the vampire story is really traceable to a single novel: Bram Stoker’s Dracula was, until recently, the proto- and stereotypical view of vampire behaviour, and Bela Lugosi’s portrayal of the character gave generations the only acceptable accent and costume for these eerie, but strangely alluring characters. While characters such as Nosferatu, and Anne Rice’s New Orleans vampires deviated slightly from the opera cloak and Slavic speech model, these carefully retained other attributes of the genre, and only recently have vampires received an updated look, to appeal to a new generation.

Endorphina’s vampire slot, however, steers clear of the sparkly stuff, and goes for the old-school favourites: set in a moon-drowned crypt, complete with creepy statues and piles of human skulls, and of course plenty of bats, The Vampires has all the bases covered. Spooky music plays throughout, and sound effects are straight from the Hollywood lot, with howling wolves and shrieking maidens, no doubt clad in diaphanous nightgowns (the maidens, not the wolves.).

Pay Lines and Bets

The Vampires is a 25 line slot, across 5 reels: you can choose to bet from 0.01 to 5 credits per coin, per spin, making this a good option for penny slot players or those starting out, as well as offering a Free To Play option, for those looking to play risk free. Vampires does also offer a higher Risk option, whereby after a winning combination, you have the chance to cut a deck against the computer, with the higher card winning a multiplier. There is also an Auto Play option, should you wish to keep several games on the go at once.

Symbols and Icons

The vampiric theme continues in the symbols on the reels: here you will find the Holy Water, the revolver (hopefully loaded with silver bullets, otherwise not much use against vampires) , a stake and hammer, and a Bible. Following these in value are three female vampires, a blonde, brunette and a redhead, followed by Dracula himself, clad in evening dress and red of eye: 5 of his portrait in a row will net a 500x multiplier on the triggering bet.

The iconic Bat serves as the Wild symbol, able to substitute for any except the Scatter: this symbol is an action shot, as it were, depicting a young lady being bitten by a vampire. Three or more of these will trigger ten free spins, during which all winnings are trebled.

Finally, there is a third special symbol in the Goblet of Blood (or red wine, for the more pragmatic and squeamish): when three or more of these symbols are aligned on a selected pay line, it triggers a mini game, where you have to wake as many vampires as possible in the cemetery. While this is normally not a good idea, each vampire will reward you with free spins or multipliers.

The Fun Never Dies

The Vampires is a fun to play slot, and while it may not be as rewarding as some others out there, it deserves extra mention for the way in which it follows through on the theme at every opportunity: it is a good combination of horrifying and cheesy, and is best played after dark!

An Overview Of Endorphina’s The King Slot

When it comes to online slot games, almost every manner of theme has been covered. Some of them have been returned to many, many times again. The King slot game, developed by Endorphina, is one such game. Set in a medieval kingdom, this game transports players to another time and place through its reels. It has plenty to offer players when it comes to entertainment, and furthermore, is designed to help them increase their winnings significantly along the way. For more information on this regal game, including its structure and any bonus features it has to offer, take a look below.

The Structure

One of the biggest things that most players look for in online slot games is whether or not the game is easy to use and simple to understand. Players are often after simplicity, especially when it comes to games of this kind, as it ensures that they can easily adapt and get into the game the moment they start playing, instead of spending too much time figuring out how exactly it works. When it came to The King slot game, Endorphina ensured that this was at the top of their list. This game may be simple in structure with just five reels and 10 paylines, but it certainly packs quite the punch.

The Extra Features

Bonus features and symbols are always welcome in the world of online slot games as they help players increase their winnings without having to put any extra money into the kitty. The King slot offers players two feature symbols. The first symbol is that of the king’s crown. This regal offering acts as a wild symbol, which in other words, means that it can stand in and substitute for any other symbol missing from a winning combination. The only symbol that it cannot replace is that of the second feature symbol, the scatter. This is represented by a lion crest. It has the power to award players with free spins. By landing at least three of these on the reels, players will automatically be given 15 free spins, and all the winnings made here will be multiplied by three.

The Convenience Factor

It is so incredibly important for online slot games to be able to offer players certain conveniences, especially considering the fact that we live in a busy world where we often don’t have time to sit down and play for extended periods unless when we’re playing online bingo in Australia in our twilight years. However, because casino games like The King slot are based online, they can conveniently be accessed from almost anywhere at any time of the day or night. In other words, just as long as they have a stable Internet connection, players will be able to enjoy this game from a range of devices including tablets, mobile phones and laptops.

All in all, The King slot game has plenty to offer players, as it encompasses everything that has made online slot games as popular as they are today. Furthermore, there are plenty of fun ways for players to increase their winnings without having to spend any more money on the slot.

Arabian Night Adventures in The Emirate

There are plenty of slots out there with a Middle Eastern theme, catering to our tastes for the exotic and the mysterious: from the bedtime tales of Scheherazade to the adventures of Sinbad, with a talking carpet thrown in here and there for good measure, we are sated on the tales of old Arabia, right up until TE Lawrence really begins roaming the region. With their well acquired reputation for putting a spin on traditional themes, however, Endorphina Games has updated this idea, to bring a slot that takes the modern economic powerhouse that is the United Arab Emirates as its theme, with the potential to share some of the riches of the region with the savvy punter.

Symbols in the Sands

The basic, low value symbols of this slot are rendered in gold, all playing out on a midnight blue background that speaks of opulence: at the lower reaches we find the coffee pot, the jewelled dagger and the hookah pipe, followed in value by the luxury 4×4, so vital for unwinding in the wilder reaches of the country. Higher than this still in value are the portraits of the modern Prince and Princess, in traditional garb, each promising the same payouts depending on the frequency of their appearance (note how any social commentary is not being made by making this couple equal in value, which makes up in logic what it lacks in authenticity).

Finally, the highest ranking symbol is that of the Dubai skyline, with its magnificent skyscrapers, symbols of the burgeoning wealth of the region, while the scatter symbol takes the form of the Palm Islands, a man-made structure that has sculpted nature itself into a luxurious pleasure resort.

Paylines an Bonuses

The Emirate may seem a little mean, offering as it does only 5 pay lines, but with all bets maximised, these can be very lucrative indeed: the lowest symbols can potentially pay out 20 000 credits, while aligning 5 of the Dubai skylines on a single spin can give you 500 000 coins, making this a memorable visit. There is also a customisable Auto Play feature, which can be tailored to your gaming style, allowing several games to be played simultaneously.

What lets this slot down is that it does not offer much for the player seeking something more: with no free spins to trigger, and no bonus modes to unlock, what you see is what you get, which may be the greatest departure from the theme, in a nation known for its inscrutability and mystery. There is a Gamble feature, which many Endorphina games carry as a nod to past conventions, and allow you to wager any winnings on a further spin, but otherwise the mysteries of the desert kingdom are largely encapsulated by the idea of winning as much as possible on the initial spin, and wagering well. Wins, when they do come, are potentially big, but this is a slot that rewards patience and a high initial investment. Almost like the oil business, apparently!

Getting To Know Temple Cats Slot Game

It is certainly no secret that cats form a large part of the Internet’s content. For the past several years, pictures, memes and videos of cats have been the topic of conversation, shared millions and millions of times across several social media platforms. It only seems fitting, then, that these four-legged creatures would become the subject of several different online slot games. One such game is Temple Cats slot, produced by Endorphina. This online casino game developer is known for creating games that subscribe to every variety of themes, meaning that they have something to offer every player, regardless of what their preferences may be. Below, you will find more information on this slot game, which features several of our furry friends.

Options To Suit Your Needs

One of the most important factors for players to have when it comes to their online slot games is options. They want the game to be as flexible as possible so that they are able to play in a manner that best suits their needs. Temple Cats slot game provides them with just that. In this game, players will be able to decide what their own coin value is. All they need to do is adjust the lever on screen to a level that they are comfortable with.

Autoplay Function For Easy Playing

Online casino games are as popular as they are today for a number of reasons, but perhaps the main one lies in the fact that they make for remarkably convenient alternatives to traditional casino games. Most games, in their own right, have certain features designed to make the lives of players even easier. The same can be said of Temple Cats slot game. Instead of manually spinning the reels each and every time they want to spin, players can simply select the autoplay feature, which will allow the device they are playing on to spin the reels for them for a pre-selected number of spins. This means that players have the freedom to move about and return to the game whenever they want to.

Suited To A Number Of Different Devices

The wonderful thing about online slot games like Temple Cats slot by Endorphina at River Belle Casino is that they can be accessed from a range of different devices. Players will be able to play this game, as well as many others of this variety, from the likes of their mobile phones, laptops, smart watches and tablets. All the device needs to have is a stable Internet connection, and the player will be good to go to watch the cats spinning around the reels and play the game for hours and hours on end.

At the end of the day, Endorphina Software’s Temple Cats slot game has all the makings of a classic online casino game, but is still able to provide players with a number of convenient features, all of which are designed to make their lives easier and the game more convenient to play.

An Overview Of Endorphina’s Sushi Slot Game

Over the past few years, a number of interesting themes have become the centre of some of the online casino industry’s most beloved slot games. The themes all stem from places that are quite unique, such as popular music, memorable entertainers and even food. The latter is exactly the case with Endorphina’s Sushi slot game. Whether your preference is maki, hand rolls or sashimi, players of online slot games are bound to be enthralled by this tasty little game. It is ideal for players of every level, regardless of whether they have just started out playing online slot games, or if they have already been playing for quite some time. Below, you will find all the information you need to know about this game.

The Presentation

Much like the Japanese cuisine after which this game was named, Endorphina’s Sushi slot game keeps it relatively simple when it comes to its presentation. However, this is not uncommon for games of this kind, as many online slot game developers opt to keep the structure of the game as basic as possible. This makes it easier for players to dive right in and start playing and also makes it possible for the fast pace at which these games usually move to be honoured. It must be noted that as a result, this online slot game is considerably small in structure when compared to that of its counterparts and has just three reels and five paylines.

The Symbols

Of course, the symbols form one of the most important parts of any Australian online slot game. These let players know exactly what is going on on the reels with just one quick glance. In Sushi slot game, players will be delighted to discover that all of the game’s standard symbols are represented by pieces of sushi. In order to form a winning combination, players need to ensure that they match at least three of them at a time. Naturally, there are also bonus symbols to look out for, as this adds a bit more excitement to the game. One of these bonus symbols takes the form of a golden loyalty card for the sushi restaurant. This card is representative of the scatter function.

Bonus Rounds

The scatter symbol, or loyalty card, featured on Sushi slot online casino game gives players plenty of opportunity to enjoy some free spins. While it is not common for a slot game as small as this one to even offer bonus rounds, the game is quite generous in what it does have to offer. Should a player manage to spin at least three of these symbols on the reels, they will activate this feature and be awarded 20 free spins. In other words, players will have at least 20 additional chances to increase their winnings without having to dig into their own pockets.

All in all, Sushi slot online game is a small game that manages to pack quite a massive punch with everything it has to offer players.