Month: April 2016

Since the online slot game developer first launched, Endorphina has become well known for producing slots with themes that take a step back from traditional ones and provide players with new worlds to emerge themselves in.

This is evident in the likes of Urartu slot game. Urartu is believed to have been first mentioned in the Bible, where it was named as an ancient kingdom located somewhere in Armenia. Over the years, plenty of questions and mysteries have popped up with regards to this long gone Armenian kingdom, and now, Endorphina is trying to give players a glimpse into what it may have been like through the reels of this online slot game. For more information on the game, see below. Continue reading →

It’s a truism often repeated, that we know more about the surface of the Moon than we do about the oceans of our own planet: perhaps this is because we know for certain that there are no such things as lunar sharks, but that is besides the point. Undine’s Deep takes you to explore these depths, discover exotic creatures, and with any luck, spot a mermaid, who will reward you greatly for your efforts. Endorphina games tend to follow traditional themes, often with a slight twist, but by avoiding obvious licensing overlaps, they are able to bring fresh, original artwork and ideas to these: Undine’s Deep is no exception, with a look that combines The Little Mermaid with Bioshock, while being neither. Continue reading →

Endorphina has a tradition of creating slots with themes different from the norm, or what is generally expected: in a world of garishly bright, heavily animated, and just generally overwhelming slots, they won kudos with the release of Sparkling Fresh, a simple slot with crisp, clean artwork, and a simple style that harked back to the days of yore, when mechanical machines genuinely featured pictures of fruit on their metal reels. Now, they continue this style of game with Ultra Fresh, once more featuring images of fruit on a vibrant, verdant background, rendered in a simple, glossy 2D-printed style, and a font reminiscent of 1950’s Pop Art. Continue reading →

The modern fascination with the vampire story is really traceable to a single novel: Bram Stoker’s Dracula was, until recently, the proto- and stereotypical view of vampire behaviour, and Bela Lugosi’s portrayal of the character gave generations the only acceptable accent and costume for these eerie, but strangely alluring characters. While characters such as Nosferatu, and Anne Rice’s New Orleans vampires deviated slightly from the opera cloak and Slavic speech model, these carefully retained other attributes of the genre, and only recently have vampires received an updated look, to appeal to a new generation. Continue reading →

When it comes to online slot games, almost every manner of theme has been covered. Some of them have been returned to many, many times again. The King slot game, developed by Endorphina, is one such game. Set in a medieval kingdom, this game transports players to another time and place through its reels. It has plenty to offer players when it comes to entertainment, and furthermore, is designed to help them increase their winnings significantly along the way. For more information on this regal game, including its structure and any bonus features it has to offer, take a look below. Continue reading →

There are plenty of slots out there with a Middle Eastern theme, catering to our tastes for the exotic and the mysterious: from the bedtime tales of Scheherazade to the adventures of Sinbad, with a talking carpet thrown in here and there for good measure, we are sated on the tales of old Arabia, right up until TE Lawrence really begins roaming the region. With their well acquired reputation for putting a spin on traditional themes, however, Endorphina Games has updated this idea, to bring a slot that takes the modern economic powerhouse that is the United Arab Emirates as its theme, with the potential to share some of the riches of the region with the savvy punter. Continue reading →

It is certainly no secret that cats form a large part of the Internet’s content. For the past several years, pictures, memes and videos of cats have been the topic of conversation, shared millions and millions of times across several social media platforms. It only seems fitting, then, that these four-legged creatures would become the subject of several different online slot games. One such game is Temple Cats slot, produced by Endorphina. This online casino game developer is known for creating games that subscribe to every variety of themes, meaning that they have something to offer every player, regardless of what their preferences may be. Below, you will find more information on this slot game, which features several of our furry friends. Continue reading →

Over the past few years, a number of interesting themes have become the centre of some of the online casino industry’s most beloved slot games. The themes all stem from places that are quite unique, such as popular music, memorable entertainers and even food. The latter is exactly the case with Endorphina’s Sushi slot game. Whether your preference is maki, hand rolls or sashimi, players of online slot games are bound to be enthralled by this tasty little game. It is ideal for players of every level, regardless of whether they have just started out playing online slot games, or if they have already been playing for quite some time. Below, you will find all the information you need to know about this game. Continue reading →